Thai Elephant-assisted Therapy Project Educational Workshops
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Educational Workshops


TETP Educational Workshops

Here at TETP, we are happy to share what we have learned about the therapeutic benefits of elephant-assisted therapy for children with special needs. One way to learn about this process is through taking a short course taught by our instructors.


Educational workshops are appropriate for international students with previous study in health care or veterinary medicine and an interest in animal-assisted therapy. Student groups must have at least 4 participants in order for the course to open.


Students will have the unique opportunity to learn about the process of elephant-assisted therapy and gain hands-on experience in this field. 1- or 2-day courses are offered in either Thai or English and include lecture as well as experiential practice. Course material is tailored to the individual student population and may address topics such as the theoretical basis of animal-assisted therapy, the evidence in support of elephant-assisted therapy for children with special needs, and the behaviors and biology of elephants that lend to their therapeutic properties. 


Thai Elephant Conservation Center, Lampang, Thailand.


Courses are offered depending on schedule availability. The interested party must coordinate the schedule with Chiang Mai University’s Faculty of Occupational Therapy.


1-day course: 6,000 THB

2-day course: 10,500 THB

Elephant fees, lunch, snack, activity materials, and transportation from Chiang Mai to Lampang are included in the cost.  

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